Updating WordPress 3 (to 3.0.1)

For some days, WordPress has been showing me that an update is available.

WordPress is showing that an update is available

In fact, it shows 3 updates are available.  So let’s click on “Updates” in the Dashboard and find out what they are and see how to deal with them.

Click on Updates

Before we do anything in the update section, it is very advisable to backup your blog.  Luckily, WordPress reminds you to do this:

Backup your blog before proceeding

The first update available is WordPress 3.0.1, which I can either download or update automatically.

WordPress Update information

The second update is for a the Contact Form 7 plug-in.

Plug-in Update information

And finally there is an update for the TwentyTen theme.

Theme Update information

My usual method of using automatic updates is to process the plug-ins first, and then do the WordPress update.  But the TwentyTen theme presents me with a new problem, because I’ve modified it.  I may want the update, but I also do not want to lose my modifications.

Anyway, to start with I’m going to upgrade the Contact Form Plug-in.

Updating the plug-in

The update enables maintenance mode and a few seconds later has completed the update.

Plug-in update successful

At this stage, return to WordPress Updates.

Return to WordPress Updates

For the time being I’m going to leave out the Theme update, and just update WordPress.  However a complete WordPress installation will overwrite the TwentyTen directory, so either make a copy of the directory first, or update manually using FTP (I’ll cover that another day).

Automatic WordPress Update

The blog goes into maintenance mode, which can last a couple of minutes.

Maintenance mode

But otherwise the update worked for me.

The update reports successful

Except that TwentyTen was reset.

TwentyTen after the theme reset

So I copied my modified files back into the directory and everything was OK again.

Restoring the modified files with FTP

Obviously I don’t want to have to do this every time, so I’m either going to have to permanently move my modified TwentyTen theme to a different directory, or investigate something called “child themes”.  These are both options that I will be looking into in the future.

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