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If you’ve just installed a WordPress blog, then one of the things you may have not noticed is how the post addresses are numbered.

So rather than seeing a nice address containing the name of your post and making it more interesting to the search engines, you see something like this:

This can be changed to something more useful like:

Do you see how keywords like “permalinks” are now in the URL and not just a number?

To make this change, log into the administration area of your blog.

1. Open up the area on the sidebar called “Settings” and click on “Permalinks”.

Select the Permalink menu option

2. The next screen shows you the current and available settings for the permalinks.  I use a custom structure to generate the links for the DIY blogger site, but you could choose one of the others.

Enter a custom structure(Click to enlarge)

You might like to try one of these:




3. Click on “Save changes”.

Please note that it is not always possible to do this.  It requires write access to a file called “.htaccess”, and WordPress may ask you to upload this to your site manually.

Also, a function called “mod_rewrite” must be activated on the web server.  Most web hosters do offer this, be there are a few that do not.  In this case, use can still use the custom structure, but you have to preceed your entry with “/index.php”.

So you might use “/index.php/%postname%/”.  This means that the URLs are a bit longer, but still contain the post name rather than the internal numbers.

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Graham Tappenden is a blogger from Germany. He has written code for WordPress themes since 2006 and been creating websites since 1994.
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