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Having automated the database backup yesterday, the problem remains of what to do with the wp-content directory.

Any images that you upload to your posts will usually be put here, as are the plug-ins and theme files, so having a copy of the directory is important if you need to re-install your blog at any time.

To automate this, I use a program called GoodSync.  GoodSync allows you to synchronise two directories, either in one direction or in both.  Normally I use this for updating USB sticks or creating local copies of directories on a laptop.

But what makes GoodSync so powerful, is that it can also synchronise with sources such as FTP sites or even WebDav and Amazon S3 drives.  So you can use it to backup a directory on an FTP server regularly to a directory on your hard drive.

Here’s what the FTP configuration looks like:

FTP configuration in GoodSync

So you only specify the FTP server name, username and password and the directory (with sub-directories) to backup.  I don’t just backup the wp-content directory – I create complete backups of my blogs with it!

And since GoodSync only copies the files that have changed, these are usually only the uploaded photos or any updated plug-ins, meaning that it only takes a few minutes each day to update the backup.  GoodSync can even be set to start with your computer and check for changes to the FTP site periodically throughout the day.

GoodSync is free to try out, but does cost a small fee to use long-term.  That said, it’s a small price to pay to know that your blog is safely backed up and in combination with the WP-DB-Backup you should have enough to restore your blog at any time if necessary.

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