How to put a MailChimp form onto a WordPress Sidebar

In a recent comment thread on Mike’s Life there was some discussion about how to add a MailChimp sign-up form to a WordPress theme.

MailChimp is a service that offers mailing lists, similar to Aweber, with one of the main differences being that MailChimp is free to use if you have less than 1,000 subscribers and send less than 6,000 e-mails per month.

So in the following video, I demonstrate how to put the MailChimp sign-up form onto the sidebar of a widgetized theme:

Do you have any suggestions for my next video?

About Graham Tappenden

Graham Tappenden is a blogger from Germany. He has written code for WordPress themes since 2006 and been creating websites since 1994.
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2 Responses to How to put a MailChimp form onto a WordPress Sidebar

  1. Jen says:

    Thank you Graham, I hadn’t even thought of putting a mail chimp form on the sidebar this is great!

  2. C.Ellis says:

    This was pretty ace. Thank you so much for making this very simple to do tutorial. 😀 Take care~!!

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