How to make a drop-down archive box

The default archive list on the TwentyTen sidebar is a simple list.

The archive list in the sidebar

That’s fine for a while, but eventually the list will get ever longer and take up more space.

One of the ways around this is to turn the archive list into a drop-box.  Here’s how to do it:1. Log into WordPress using an administrator account.

2. Click on “Widgets” in the “Appearance” area of the sidebar.

Step 2: select the Widgets option in the admin sidebar

3. Now click on the arrow to open up the “Archives” widget.

Step 3: open the Archives widget settings

4. Activate the “Display as a drop down” option.

Step 4: activate the drop-down option

5. Click on “Save”.  Finished!

The archive list is now a drop-down box

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