How to add a simple tag cloud

I am a great fan of tag clouds, especially if some thought is given to the tags.  I avoid using category lists if I can, especially if these are being used to generate the menu.

WordPress 3 has a simple tag cloud widget that can be activated in TwentyTen, which is also easy to activate.


1. Log into the Dashboard using an Administrator account.

2. Click on “Widgets” in the “Appearance” area of the left-hand sidebar.

3. Find the “Tag Cloud” widget near the bottom of the list.

Select the Tag Cloud widget

4. Drag the widget into the “Primary Widget Area”.

Drag the widget to the primary area

5. The widget does not have many options.

The widget options

6. If you like you can display a category cloud instead.

Categories or Tags?

7. Since I already have categories on the menu, I’ll delete the widget.

Removing the category widget

8. Now the tags appear on the sidebar where previously the category list was. on the image to enlarge)

This may not be the most sophisticated tag cloud, and there are plug-ins that offer a lot more options.  But if the basic version suits your needs, it’s one less plug-in to install.

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