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If you using FeedBurner to publicise your RSS feed, then you might like to activate some additional options to make your feed more usable to the readers.

The three options that I suggest looking at are SmartFeed, FeedFlare and PingShot.


SmartFeed converts your RSS feed to a suitable format for the reader.  This allows you to produce RSS feeds for multiple readers, even for Atom readers, without having to produce multiple feeds.

FeedBurner converts the feed as necessary, giving your feed the greatest compatibility.

To active SmartFeed, log into FeedBurner and select your feed.  Click on “Optimize” and then “SmartFeed”.

SmartFeed - Step 1

Now click on “Activate”.

SmartFeed - Step 2


FeedFlare adds social elements to your feed.  In addition to the content, you can add options to e-mail the post to a friend, or to share the link on Digg, Facebook, Buzz and other social media platforms.  You can also show the amount of comments that a post has received or add a Creative Commons license.

To activate FeedFlare, log into FeedBurner and select your feed.  Now click on “Optimize” and then “FeedFlare”.

FeedFlare - Step 1

Select the options that you would like to appear in the feed by ticking the left-hand column (under “feed”) and then click on “Activate”.

FeedFlare - Step 2


PingShot notifies “interested services” about your new feed items.  It works in a similar way to the Ping function already in WordPress, but it can’t help for FeedBurner to ping some sites as well, can it?

To activate PingShot log in to FeedBurner and select your feed.  Then click on “Publicize” and on “PingShot”.

PingShot - Step 1

Now click on “Activate”.

PingShot - Step 2


These three options may not have a large effect on your feed, but they add some new functions that help to spread the news of your posts to potential new readers.

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