How to find out your blog’s loading time

Do you know how fast your blog loads?  Have you even paid attention to this element of it, or are you prepared to wait for it?  Do you think you readers are?

There are many reasons why one blog may take longer to load than another, such as the hosting and the number of plug-ins.  But it is difficult to get reliable data about this, without timing it on a regular basis.  Even then, it may be a problem with your computer or internet access.

However help is at hand if you use the “Google Webmaster Tools” that I talked about previously.

If you log into your Google Webmaster Tools account and select your blog, then you can see the loading speed by clicking on “Labs” then then on “Site performance”.

Select Site Performance

The graph shows the loading time for your blog for the past months, with Google drawing the line between “fast” and “slow” at around 1.5 seconds.

The average loading time is contained in the text above the graph, with information such as “This is slower than 56% of sites”.  I prefer to see it as faster than 44% of sites myself!

Loading speed graph

Scroll down, and Google gives you some example pages with their load times, but the most valuable part of the page can be the “Page Speed suggestions”.

Here, the slowest loading pages are listed with suggestions as to how to speed things up.

Page speed suggestions

These include reducing DNS lookups by hosting banners on the same server, combing external style sheets and scripts into single files, and even cases where two identical files are being loaded from different addresses.

Of course, changing some of these may not be easy, and I do not necessarily agree with Google on their positioning of the “fast/slow” line.  But at least by checking out this statistic you know that your blog is not being very slow for reasons that may be simple to put right.

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