How to add e-mail broadcasts to Feedburner

One of the options that FeedBurner offers is to have new posts delivered by e-mail.  This way, readers can subscribe to the RSS feed and receive the posts as HTML e-mails, rather than read them in an RSS reader.

This should not be confused with a mailing list for your site, as you do not have complete control over the FeedBurner list.  You can see the subscribers’ e-mail addresses, but you cannot send out custom messages.

All the same, for those that like to read their RSS feeds this way it can be a valuable resource and something that should be offered.

Here’s how to activate it:

1. Log into FeedBurner and select your feed.

2. Click on “Publicize” and then on “Email Subscriptions”.

Click on Email Subscription

3. Click on “Activate”.

Click on Activate

That’s all there was to it – the option is activated.  But now let’s customise it a little bit.

4. Click on “Communication Preferences”.

Click on Communication Preferences

5. Here you can set the e-mail address that the readers will see as the sender of the e-mail and set the subject and text for the confirmation message that new subscribers will receive.

Set the sender address

6. Click on “Save”.

7. Now click on “Email Branding”.

Click on Email Branding

8. Here you set the subject of the messages that will contain the posts.  The normal subject contains ${latestItemTitle} so that the post title appears in the subject line.

If you write more than one post per day, then you will want to activate the option “Change Subject when an email has 2 or more items”, in order to show the number of items rather than one of the post titles.

Set the subject lines

9. Click on “Save”.

10. Now click on “Delivery Options”.

Click on Delivery Options

11. Here you can set the time each day that you would like the e-mails to be delivered.  It obviously makes sense to have this time to be later in the day than the usual time that you post to your blog.

Set the delivery time

12. Click on “Save”.

13. Now, when readers click on the RSS icon, they have the option to “Get [your blog] delivered by email”.

The email option

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