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One of the biggest advantages of working on a blog is that you can work on it from almost anywhere as long as you have an internet connection (and I’ve even worked on mine without an internet connection and uploaded the content later).

Even if you don’t have a laptop with you and go into an internet café, you have the same options in WordPress as you do at home, so you can write and publish posts, and to a certain extent even tweak your theme.

However until now I have always faced the problem of editing photos whilst on the move.  I love Adobe Photoshop Elements on my computer in the office, and even have an older version running on my laptop for longer trips.  But when I’m on the train or in a café I use my netbook, which runs Linux, and where I have installed GIMP.

Now I’ve discovered a new plug-in for WordPress that is going to make my life easier – and probably yours as well, especially if you don’t yet own a decent graphics suite.

It’s called WP Paint and is probably one of the most complex WordPress plug-ins that I’ve seen, yet it sells for less than $10 per site (at the time of writing).

WP Paint gives you graphics editing capabilities within your WordPress dashboard.  You just upload your photos using the Media Library area, and then click on “Edit with Sumo Paint”.

WP Paint - the editor

Like Adobe Photoshop and GIMP it works with layers, which makes it even more amazing, so you can leave the original photo unchanged and effectively work “over the top” of it, meaning that you can undo your changes if necessary – at least until you save them back to the media library.

You have a range of tools available like the magic wand, lasso, pencil ink, eraser, gradient fill, clone stamp, line, blur, rotate, and – most importantly for me – the text tool to add a watermark or annotation to the photo.  There is also a very useful colour tool.

WP Paint - The Cube toolYou can also crop and re-size images, adjust the brightness and contrast, and there are over 30 filters to choose from as well.  I’m still trying them all out myself!

And as if the price of this plug-in for the functionality that it offers wasn’t enough, you can actually try it out for yourself on a demo site.  Just visit the WP Paint page and click on the demo link.

Alternatively you might like to watch the following demonstration on YouTube:


I can see this being an invaluable tool for me when I’m publishing content whilst on the move.  I hope that I will no longer have to delay a post, just because the graphics are not ready.

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