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WP Notepad is a plug-in from Robert Plank that allows membership sites to offer a personal note-taking option for their members.

The plug-in inserts the note-taking box after posts before the comments section and can be collapsed and expanded.  Each member can then make their own notes on the post being viewed.  The notes are not visible to other users, but will be displayed to the member again when they re-visit the post.

The notepad under a post on the blog

Within the dashboard, a new area called “Your Notes” lists all of the notes that a user has added.

Your Notes in the Dashboard

Administrators can change the text that appears above the notepad area and also the text that appears on the “save” button.  They can select the categories that the notepad area appears in and decide whether or not to show it on pages.

Show on all posts or select the categories

There is also an option to add a checkbox, so that if you are offering an on-line course the member can tick it to show that they have completed a module.

What I would like to see would be some options to set the size and the position of the note-taking area, and some documentation of the CSS classes would be a nice addition.

For the members, it would be nice to be able to search through the notes, as I am sure that someone who uses the feature extensively will eventually want to be able to be able to do that.

But despite these limitations, I think the plug-in is a great idea.

Here’s the download link: WP Notepad

I have already installed it on The DIY Blogger and in the Beyond Blogging Project, so if you are not yet a member of these sites yet you might want to take advantage of my offer and join both at once!

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3 Responses to WP Notepad

  1. Mike CJ says:

    This is an excellent tool – I can see it becoming almost standard on member websites.

  2. Eblog says:

    Any idea where it stores the notes?

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