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Spam Karma was one of the first plug-ins that I ever installed on a WordPress blog, after finding it recommended on a forum called “Notes from Spain“.

Unfortunately, the plug-in is no longer being developed, yet I still have it installed on some blogs because I find it still works well and provides an interesting alternative to Akismet.

I like the fact that I can fine tune the spam detection settings, but also that I can find out why the comments were blocked.

Some of the Spam Karma settings (click to enlarge)

Some of the Spam Karma settings (click to enlarge)

The plug-in checks for things like an encrypted payload on the comments form, or whether the browser supports javascript.  It also looks at Trackbacks to see whether the original site really does link to your post.  Using these and many other factors, it provides a score for the comment.  If the score is too low, it will not be published.

A spam report in Spam Karma (click to enlarge)

A spam report in Spam Karma (click to enlarge)

It is a shame that Spam Karma is no longer being updated.  But if need a good alternative to Akismet, then it is still worth taking a look at.

Download link: Spam Karma Project

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