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The “Most Commented Widget” is a plug-in that can be installed on the sidebar as a widget to display the posts or pages with the most comments.

This is a useful way of creating a dynamic “our best posts” section, even though the only criteria is the number of comments and not the number of visitors.

To install the plug-in, first log into WordPress with an administrator account.

1. Click on “Add New” in the “Plugins” section of the sidebar

Select Add New in the Plugins section

2. Enter “most commented” in the search box and click on “Search Plugins”

Search for most commented

3. Look for “Most Commented Widget” in the search results and click on “Install Now”

Install the plug-in

4. After the plug-in has been installed, click on “Activate Plugin”

Activate the plug-in

5. To put the widget onto the site sidebar, first click on “Widgets” in the “Appearance” section of the administration sidebar

Select Widgets on  the Appearance menu

6. Now drag the “Most Commented” widget onto the primary or secondary widget area

Drag the widget onto the sidebar widget area

7. If the widget does not open, click on the drop-down arrow.  By default, all comments are taken into consideration and 5 results are displayed

Click on the arrow if necessary

8. You can enter a title for the widget, change the number of posts, restrict the comments to the last day, week, month or year, exclude pages and include password protected posts

Set the options to select the posts

The option for password protected posts
(Click to enlarge)

9. When you are finished, click on “Save”

Click on Save

10. The widget is now active on the site

The active widget

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Graham Tappenden is a blogger from Germany. He has written code for WordPress themes since 2006 and been creating websites since 1994.
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