One of the new features that I have introduced to the Beyond Blogging Project this weekend is called “CubePoints”.

CubePoints is a plug-in for WordPress that allows you to award your users points for interacting with your blog.  So a user can earn points for leaving a comment, or you can award them manually if someone completes a task.

On a membership site you can award them simply for logging in, and with a bit of modification they can be used the same way as I will be using them in the project, to award points when a member posts  in the forum.

CubePoints in the Beyond Blogging ProjectThe plug-in includes widgets to show the logged-in user’s points score and a leader board of the users with the most points.

Here is how to set up the CubePoints plug-in:

1. Visit the CubePoints homepage and download the plug-in.

2. Log into WordPress and click on “plug-ins” in the left-hand sidebar

Click on Plugins3. Click on “Add New”

Add New4. Click on “Upload”

Click on Upload5. Click on “Browse” and select the file that you downloaded (in ZIP format).  Then click on “Install Now”.

Select the plug-in and Install Now6. After the plug-in has been installed, click on “Activate Plug-in”

Activate the Plugin7. To configure how the points are awarded, click on the new “CubePoints” area on the left-hand sidebar.

Click on CubePoints8. In the screen that appears first you can see the number of points that each user has and also manually change them.

The CubePoints member list9. Click on “Configure”.


10. In this screen you can change the prefix and suffix that is shown with the points score, exclude administrators from the leader board, and set how many points are awarded for a new comment.  You can also set how many points will be deducted if a comment is removed, and how many points a new member automatically receives.

CubePoints Configuration11. To assign points for logging in each day, first click on “Modules”.

Click on Modules12. Activate the module called “Daily Points”.

Activate the Daily Points module13. Now return to the “Configuration” and set the number of points for logging in each day, then click on “daily”.

Set the number of points and click on Daily14. To show the number of points on the site first click on “Appearance”.

Click on Appearance15. Then click on “Widgets”.

Click on Widgets16. Drag the widgets called “CubePoints” and “CubePoints Top Users” onto the sidebar area or any other widget area where you want to have them.

Drag the widgets onto the sidebar widget area17. The “Top Users” widget can be configured to show, for example, the top 5 users.  I use “%username% (%points%)” in the text field to show the real name of the users rather than the username.

Set the options in the widgets18. That’s it, unless you are using a forum module like SimplePress or a membership plug-in like WishList Member.

To have points assigned when someone posts in a SimplePress forum then you need to upload and activate an extra module in CubePoints and made a small modification to a file in the SimplePress directory.

These steps have already been described on the SlySpyder Blog, so I won’t repeat them here.  Let me know if you need help doing that!

For users of WishList Member, there is a special plug-in that allows you to make certain content only available to those members with sufficient points.  It is currently only available to members of the WishList Insider programme.

To see it all working together, what not take a look inside the Beyond Blogging Project?

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Graham Tappenden is a blogger from Germany. He has written code for WordPress themes since 2006 and been creating websites since 1994.
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