Contact Form 7

One of the first plug-ins that I like to install is for a contact form, and I have several of those to choose from.

The reason for doing this is obviously to get a method contacting me onto the menu bar as soon as possible.

Contact Form 7 is my choice for any site that needs a simple form to generate an e-mail.  After it is installed and activated, the a new option appears under “settings” in the WordPress administration area.

Contact Form 7 in the admin menu

Click on “Edit” to set up the forms, and you will see a pre-configured contact form.  It already contains fields for name, e-mail address, subject and a message.

Default form in Contact Form 7

On the right-hand of the screen there is an area to create new fields, eg. a drop-box with options.

Adding a new field in Contact Form 7

Next you define the e-mail to be sent to your e-mail account.

E-mail template in Contact Form 7

You can also design one to go the sender.

Visitor e-mail template in Contact Form 7

Finally, you can define any messages that will be displayed to the visitor.

Messages defined in Contact Form 7

Once the form is saved, it needs to be inserted into a normal page on the blog.  To do this, first copy the code at the top of the contact form settings page.

Copy the contact form code

Now create a new page and enter any text that you want to appear with the form.  Insert the code that you copied at the position that you want the form to appear at.

Insert the code into a page

Save the page, and now all you have to do is add it to your menu.

The finished contact page with Contact Form 7

I think that the default spacing is a little too large when the plug-in is used with the TwentyTen theme.  This is obviously something that I’m going to have to look into changing in the CSS classes.

Plug-in Homepage: Contact Form 7

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