Putting Google AdSense into your RSS feeds

If you have following our instructions on using FeedBurner to publish your RSS feed, then you might also be interested in making some money from the readers of your feed by placing some advertisements in them.  After all, if you are publishing entire articles to your feed rather than excerpts, the readers may not be visiting your website at all.

This is two Google products come together, because it is possible to combine a FeedBurner feed with an AdSense account and place AdSense advertisements into the FeedBurner feed.

Obviously if you have not got an AdSense account you will need to set one up first, but you can use the same login name and password as for your FeedBurner account to make the rest a bit simpler.

Otherwise, the first step is to log into your FeedBurner account and select the relevant feed.

Next, click on the “Monetize” tab.  This may be sufficient to continue, in which case you should see this screen:

The FeedBurner Monetize screenOtherwise you might need to click on “Activate first.

Now click on the link to “sign into Google AdSense”.

1. Once logged in, click on “My Ads”.

Click on My ads2. Click on “Feeds”.

Click on Feeds3. Click on “New feed unit”.

Click on New feed unit4. Decide on how often the ads should appear and what type of ads they should be, and make the relevant adjustments to the first set of options.

The first set of options

5. Click on “Create new custom channel” and enter a name so that you can track the ads.  Of course, you can just add an existing channel, but creating a new one allows you to keep multiple RSS feeds apart.

Click on Create new custom channel6. Move down to the “Feeds” section which lists any FeedBurner feeds that do not have ads in them.  Click on “add” to add the feed to your new channel.

Add the feed to the channel7. Click on Save.

The ads will soon start appearing on your feed, so make sure you are signed up to it yourself to check this, eg. with Google Reader.

I’d be interested to hear how well the ads work in the feeds for you, so leave a comment and let me know!

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