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Graham Hunt’s book “Web Marketing for Estate Agents” came out last month, and he kindly sent me a copy to review.  However due to a rather large local festival going on in our town, a few weeks went by until I finally got round to reading it.

Web Marketing for Estate AgentsThe title of the book says it all really, it is targeted at estate agents who are interested in web marketing, and as an estate agent in Spain who uses web marketing in his business, Graham is perfectly placed to tell us all about it.

But I am sure that not just estate agents would benefit from reading about Graham’s experience.  Anyone who has a traditional high-street business and has not yet found their way onto the internet, or who just has a traditional HTML-based homepage would be advised to read it, if nothing else then at least to realise what is possible before hiring someone to put it all into action!

The first half of the book deals with how Graham creates traffic for his blog and ultimately his website in order to ultimately sell houses.  Seasoned bloggers will recognise many of them, but even if you do there is enough in there to get you thinking about how you use them and maybe some ideas on how to do things a bit differently.

Those new to the idea of web marketing will find lots of ideas, and although they may be left asking “how?” or “what tool do I use for that”, those questions will be answered later, leaving the reader to concentrate on the concepts rather than the technical details.

It is the second half that deals with the specifics.  It answers questions such as: Which tool is suitable for which job?  Which site can feed into another one?  How can make the most of a single piece of content online?  In fact, it is the idea of making sites work together that may be something even bloggers with some experience have not discovered yet and could benefit from learning about.

The book names names, so by the time you reach the end on page 95 you know what Graham says you should be doing, and what you should be doing it with.

In addition he talks about a collection of tools that businesses will find useful once they start going mobile, even if they are not directly used to publish content online.

In my case, the tools he names may not always be the same as the ones that I use personally, but reading about someone using them successfully is gives me enough reason to re-visit some of them and see if I need to take another look.

So whether you are an experienced blogger looking for new ways to get readers for your content or a small business venturing out onto the internet, I recommend you get a copy of “Web Marketing for Estate Agents”.

If you are an estate agent, then even more so.

About Graham Tappenden

Graham Tappenden is a blogger from Germany. He has written code for WordPress themes since 2006 and been creating websites since 1994.
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  1. Steve Hall says:

    I have read the book from cover to cover (several times!) 

    Graham covers EVERY angle and if an agent cannot get enquiries after reading this he has either not understood or not put things in place. Yes, many of the hints Graham gives could also be used by other traditional businesses but there is one thing to be remembered on property – the potential profit is huge. One is not talking about the profit on a DVD or T-shirt. Graham reminds us that EVERY enquiry is gold-dust…..and how to “love” them. If you love your enquiries on small-ticket products in the way that you would on a big-ticket enquiry you will do superb business.  

    A great read at a sensible price. 

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