Out of Thin Air – A Freelancer’s Guide

Out of Thin AirOut of Thin Air is an e-book by Allison Boyer who blogs at After Graduation – a site with careers advice for freelance writers.

If you’re looking for a book on making money fast, then you’ve come to the right place.  However there is a catch.  Although Allison shows you how to make money “out of thin air”, she readily admits that the methods in the book are not the ones you need to make a steady income from your blog.  Instead, they are more for emergencies, such as when you realise you need money fast to pay your rent and need to take action immediately.

But then her tips are not just for bloggers and writers.  Most if not all of them are valid for freelancers in any business dealing with clients.  And let’s face it, most freelancers do have clients.

When I first read it I even thought “that’s something that we could do in IT business”, in fact on reflection I realised I was already doing a lot of it anyway, but reading the e-book made me think more about how and when we use those methods.

But Allison also has advice for those who have yet to start out on a freelance career, with financial advice based on her own experience as a student.  With student loans and tuition fees become more common in Europe, this alone is something students should read in order to get a grip on the reality of paying it all back at the end of their course.

Finally, giving the book a personal touch, Allison also “confesses” to some of the mistakes that she has made in the past, in the hope that readers will avoid making the same ones.

So if you’re strapped for cash any time in the near future, why not try out the methods from Out of Thin Air?

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