30 days to make and sell a fabulous ebook

30 days to make and sell a fabulous ebook“30 days to make and sell a fabulous ebook” is an e-book by Type-a-Parent writer Angela England that takes you through the process of doing what the title says: making and selling an e-book.

Of course, many people who have written an e-book in the past will identify with the problem of the length of time it takes to actually write the book, but I am use that quite a few will have had the problem of having a finished book and then not gone straight on into the marketing and selling phase, meaning that you have no reward for your effort.

This ebook attempts to avoid this situation, whilst also giving guidance to new writers by breaking down the process into 30 steps.  These start with deciding on the topic of your e-book and finish with ideas on how to advertise the finished product.

What I like about this guide is that the steps are kept short and simple.  And whilst it does take you through the process of writing and selling an e-book, of course it does not write the book for you and offers little advice on the writing task itself.  Instead, the guide concentrates mainly on all the other aspects of the e-book business, such as how to get it proof read or when to start work on the sales page.

Since the author is based in the U.S., some of the information will not be so relevant or even applicable to authors in Europe.  That said, there are some interesting promotion methods in there that I had not thought of myself, although the author herself admits that she has not tried out all of them.

There are also some interesting and unusual ideas on how to make money with an e-book, rather than just plain selling it.  These in particular make this guide stand out from other “how to write an e-book” type of guides and courses.

Finally, and rather unusually for a U.S.-based blogger, Angela has a good knowledge of topics that I normally talk to my clients about while many online tutors often ignore, such as photo rights.  She also self-hosts her own store to sell the e-book, just as I do.

This is not your average e-book guide.  This is different and if you are planning to write an e-book, I recommend you buy it and use those 30-day steps as your guide through the writing and selling process.  Listen to what Angela has to say, even if her advice differs to other expert advice that you may have read, but make sure that if you live outside the U.S. you don’t ignore the rules of your local market.

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3 Responses to 30 days to make and sell a fabulous ebook

  1. Thanks so much for the review – we have gotten into discussing writing tactics and ideas in the forums more so perhaps I’ll add that as an appendix section next edition. 🙂 

    I’m intrigued by what you said about ebooks logistics in other countries and may need to have some come do a guest post on the topic for me! 

    • I’ve love to do a guest post on that!  One of the things I have specialised on is blogging in Europe, and how it is different from the U.S. which is where a lot of on-line advice appears to come from.  The Beyond Blogging Project definitely has a European feel to it these days 🙂

  2. I love Angela, her blogs, her tweets, and I’m so excited to see her book  reviewed here! I know it’s going to help a lot of people through the process of writing a successful ebook.

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