Free Child Themes for Genesis

StudioPress Nomadic Child Theme on a test siteRegular readers and members of the Beyond Blogging Project will know that I am a great fan of the Genesis framework from StudioPress and use it for all of the new sites that I develop.

Genesis consists of a framework and there are also a set of child themes on offer.  You can buy the child themes individually, or as a pack containing all of them.  Admittedly you could start with just the framework, but that’s probably making a lot of unnecessary work for yourself.

But what if the child themes are not really what you’re looking for?

Well now, to get you started, StudioPress have started releasing free child themes that are somewhat more basic, but still a good place to start if you intend to customise the theme yourself.

Just visit the StudioPress website, click on “Resources” and download them!

Of course, if you don’t yet own the Genesis framework then you will need to purchase that first.

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How to check your blog for broken links (Part 2)

The “Broken Links Plug-in” searches for broken links from within a WordPress site, but there is also an easy way to check for broken links from outside the site – more importantly, to make sure that Google is not following them and marking the site down as a result.

The clue to this lies within the the Google Webmaster Tools, that I have talked about before regarding a number of other features. Continue reading

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How to check your blog for broken links (Part 1)

There must be nothing worse for a reader on your site than to click on a link, only to find out that it does not work because the website that you are linking has been moved or taken off-line.

If that link was an affiliate link, then it also means that you have lost potential income.

Any yet there are websites out there that regularly take older content off-line.

But how do you find out which links are broken without going through your entire site regularly and trying them all out?

One of the solutions is to use a plug-in called Continue reading

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